Almost Resolution Time….

It’s almost time to start thinking of resolutions, if you are going to make resolutions. Every new year people start out making a list of lists of things they would like to accomplish over the next year. Although most people forget or give up halfway or earlier during the year, there are certain ways to create a list and even sure that you stick to them.

First, one needs to realize what their limitations and expectations are. Resolutions often are destined to be failed right after making them. We have to start by making reasonable goals. Often people make weight loss resolutions, which may be the wrong place to start. Instead of placing a number on the weight you want to lose, simply make goal of working out. Start by saying over the next three months I will walk fifteen minutes a day. That way it’s a start and after the three months you can assess where you are and either expand on it or try harder and set a new goal. This of course is only one example but it’s the same idea. I want to write and complete my first novel in the next year. I have a three month goal and that way I can check in and if I need to buckle down or adjust my goal then I can.

Now how do you stay accountable? You don’t have to go to extremes like I plan to do and post my resolutions on my blog so I can check in with my followers. I think that for some, especially me, having the accountability of others will help me be more accountable for myself. In order to stick to your resolutions, you don’t have to be so drastic but having a “buddy” so to speak would be a good idea. You don’t have to tell the world, but just one or two people who you know will make sure you stick to your goals and if you don’t they will make sure to give you the “kick in the butt” to get you back on track. I am still working out all the kinks and figuring out what my numbers or word count I want to accomplish are, but hopefully in a few days I will have my goals, at least for writing for the coming year.

I know that we don’t have to create resolutions and some people see doing it as meaningless. I see them only as setting goals, we are all goal oriented. We know where we want or would like to be and in order to get there we must set goals for ourselves in order to achieve them. You may not make any resolutions this year, but even if you don’t, think about where you are going in your life and how you want to get there. Are you ready to commit to getting where you want to be? How are you going to get there? Can you be passive in actively pursuing your life? (sounds kind of like an obvious answer huh?) It is easy to point out where you want to be and what you want to do, that is never the hard part, action is. Until you move yourself or convince yourself that your dreams are worth working hard to achieve, resolutions or not, you will never achieve them. Set the goals you want to achieve, make a plan on how to achieve them and go out and set those plans into motion. You might be surprised where you find yourself in a year.


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