Choice to Be You

Life is filled with different choices and what decisions we make shape our future. I was watching a friend play a game and he talked about how impressive it was all the choices the gamer got to make. Every day we are offered so many choices and often we simply refuse to make them or let things happen when we should be the ones actively deciding how our life should turn out.

Life at times seems to be handed to us and we have no choice in the matter, but is that ever the case? No matter if we feel we have no good choice, there is always a choice we can make. Sometimes the only thing we need to do is stop and think before we act. The best thing about life is that we get to learn from our mistakes. We may choose the wrong path but we can always try again.

Life isn’t about being perfect, after all we are all human, but it’s about learning. We should always seek more knowledge in order to make better choices in the future. We may make the wrong choice now and we might pay the consequences, but in the future we will be wiser. We can help those who are on a similar path make better choices and we will make a better choice in the future.

I say make the choice that is best for you from what knowledge you have. If you make a mistake be sure to learn from it and take that knowledge with you. We are meant to live our lives, but if we never make a choice then whose life are we really living? We live and learn and become better people from it. We might even get a story idea from it. So be who you are no excuses, that is the way that we make ourselves and the future better.


3 thoughts on “Choice to Be You

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  2. I agree.. we definitely have choices to make. Our choices can actually dictate the lives we live. As you stated none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. That is the beauty in life, realizing that we are not perfect but we can have awesome lives if we just believe in ourselves, stay true to ourselves and most of all just stay positive.

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