The Thorns


Photo Credit: B.C

Every rose has its thorns, they say. In our actual lives, what does this mean? We all have personal and professional areas that we need to address and work on. What is it about your emotions that you need to still work on? What is that thorn in your side that keeps you from moving forward or that you use to keep others away? Or is it a professional thorn that keeps you from reaching the goals that you want to achieve?

Roses are beautiful, although they often cause pain if they aren’t treated with care. Just like our personal and professional lives, we must be attentive to what and where we are going. Our work and body of work should be beautiful examples of our best samples, but we all have those thorns in the bunch. Try to strive to get those thorns out with the coming year. Identify what it is or might be that is holding you back and cast it away.

What is the thorn that is holding/hurting you? What do you need to do to get relief so that you may find the beauty that is there? We all need to take time and reflect on what we need to work on, be sure to work that into your busy life so that you may be the best possible. Don’t let your thorns keep others from seeing the beauty you have to offer.


One thought on “The Thorns

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