Merry Christmas

The big day is finally here! All year, men, women and children wait for this day. We wait for the food, togetherness, or presents, but for whatever reason, we all have a reason to celebrate. There are those who do not celebrate Christmas and I understand that, but for those who do, Merry Christmas!!! I hope your day is filled with cheer, good food, family, friends and all the good things your heart desires.

Waking up, unable to see snow, I still envy those who wake up to a white Christmas. I know that my day will be full, spending time with family and exchanging gifts. I look forward to the wonderful meal, sitting around the table laughing, and just enjoying the time to relax and celebrate.

All year we worry about what we will do and making sure that we are where we need to be. Today is a day to slow down, appreciate who you have around you, exchange gifts, eat some good food and just take it easy. Every other day of the year, we can worry about what we should be doing, but today let’s live in the present. Forget what might or might not happen tomorrow or next year, hold on to those you can and cherish the joy this time brings.

Christmas may be commercialized and all you hear about is what people did or did not get as gifts, but that doesn’t mean the whole world needs or behaves that way. Forget what our society says that we should be doing today and what we should be caring about and just focus on you. What is it that makes this Christmas merry for you or what would make it better? Please share your stories, pictures, comments below and spread the holiday cheer throughout the entire world!


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