Thank You Followers!


Good Morning! What an early Christmas gift for me! I got the notification this morning that I had finally received 100 followers (101 now). I have almost had this blog going for about a month now. I am humbled and grateful that anyone would like to read the ramblings that come out of my head or that I write down. I am always amazed when I see new followers or new likes on my post. I am a writer and have aspirations of doing it as a profession, so that I have people reading is a real inspiration. I feel like I am finally getting to a place where I know what I want in and out of life. I know where I have been and that I have now to take and achieve what I want and if I don’t, then I will only have myself to blame.

I recently started to write online for a blogging company, I have written three articles so far, yet I have not received any news yet about them, whether they are to be posted, rejected or needs edits. I am waiting to write more until I see about the others. I am hopeful that I can use this to further my career. As a writer, we have to start somewhere and for me, I feel like this is a good start. I have been blogging a while, I had another site before this and I am gaining some understanding of how it all works. I also have written for newspapers in the past so I have some experience. I am hoping that I can get some post published and continue to build my portfolio so in the future that will lead to bigger and better things.

I want to thank each and every follower that I have from the first person who followed me to the one who just recently followed me last. I would not be who I am without my writings and I appreciate those who find some meaning in these words I write down here. I am a writer! I look forward to many more months, years and decades, hopefully to come as I see this blog continue to grow and transform. My writing is coming along slowly, but still coming along which was the original and will remain the focus on my blog. Please continue to follow me as I finish typing out my first novel and all the stress, craziness and chaos that I am sure will come with it. I have already begun to learn so much from the other blogs and interactions I have had online with my fellow bloggers and twitter followers. Merry Christmas Eve to all!! I hope that your day is filled with many wonderful moments!!!


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