I’m a Writer

I read an article recently that asked the question, “when can you call yourself a writer”? In the article, you are urged to do it now, but always remember that you have to be willing to answer the questions that follow. Where do you write? What could I have read of yours? Writers, even or especially aspiring ones, have to have a thick skin about them and be on top of their game. Am I a writer? Of course. Professional? Still working out that part.

What makes us who we are? I am a writer of a novel, poems, short stories and daily blog posts. Does getting paid equal real? Does getting reads mean anything? If I wrote twenty articles a day and no one read them, am I any less a writer? I know that there will be varying opinions about the answers to the above set of questions, but regardless of what others think, it’s all about you. What makes you a writer? That is the question you need to ask and answer for yourself and if you feel you aren’t, what would make you feel like one?

I can think of some people that might say selling equals reality, but I don’t necessarily agree. We all have to start somewhere and where did the term starving artist come from? Sometimes even the most talented of people struggle to make a living by selling their art or writings.

So are you a writer? Is it only about your opinion? What do you tell people or are you too scared to admit it? Do we go toward our dreams or stand in the shadows? If we never move forward in pursuit of what we want then we are guaranteed not to achieve it. I may not be a paid or most might not consider successful writer, but I am a writer.

What are you? Do you claim your art or talent even if you aren’t getting paid for it? Tell me what you are in the comments and how you are working to get where you want to be. Believe in your talent and others will follow.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Writer

  1. My opinion is that you are a writer or indeed an artist if it is in your heart and soul to do it, if it is your passion.
    It doesn’t matter if you are being paid to do it or not. Maybe payment for an art is like turning it into some kind of chore, the pressure is then on and maybe taking out some of the enjoyment and the pleasure out of it.
    I would say I am an artist and a poet for sure, I do not get paid, I am not professional and I think unlikely I will ever make an income from it, maybe I am good at what I do, maybe not, so much creativity about, I am under no illusion. I feel that yes I can call myself an artist and poet as my creativity is my passion and has been my whole life, it is part of who I am, it is me.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s a thin line between doing what you love and making it a career. I think that if you love what you do, be it career or hobby, then that is all that matters. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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