Happy People

Are you a “happy” person? Before you are too quick to answer, let me explain. I know that we are told that we should be happy, enjoy our lives, and always keep a positive outlook. I am not one to promote depression, but I guess for me I live in reality. Are we happy without merit? Do we just mindlessly try to believe that we are happy when inside we suffer? I think that we should be happy, but we should be honestly happy, not just faking that we are.

I see a lot of people who attempt to be happy or flat out pretend that they are, they are what I call the “happy people”. These people that put on a smile and say to the world nothing bothers me. Sorry most of the time, these people just drive me crazy! I want to be happy, I truly strive to be, but I want to be honest. I don’t think that a person needs to always be happy, but in struggles remain hopeful, faithful. We don’t need to be plastic, fake people to be happy, but we always just need to hold on to the belief that happiness is possible.

I currently have a lot of stuff on my plate both in my personal and professional life. I know that in all honesty, things are tough and most might struggle or find it hard to be happy in the midst of all the outside factors, but why let that bring us down? Should we stop loving, hoping, searching for good when we struggle or should that be the time that we search for it all the more? I want to be a happy real person that says life is hard, but good things can and will happen, I won’t lose hope.

Truly inside I am a “happy” person, nothing that anyone does will steal my joy or who I am. I like to make people laugh, smile, feel good about themselves, that is me. I refuse to change that for anyone or for whatever situation I am going through, but I am also real. I try to be as honest as I can. When I am hurting I will share that with the ones who care, because I don’t want to be “plastic happy”, I want to be truly happy. I think that the only way to be truly happy is to share all that you have with the ones that care, because that way you know who will truly stick around for you. If you find someone who loves the happy and the sad, well then you are one lucky person. It is rare, but in my experience completely possible.


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