Doing What You Love

Deadlines, places to be, rush hour traffic, dinner to cook, time to sleep, wake up now, so many things to do all at one time! We struggle to keep ourselves sane in our daily lives just doing what we need to get the bills paid, how are we supposed to be able to squeeze in something just for us? I know for many of us, like myself, writing for now is just a hobby or a career that I aspire to have one day. For now, I have a full time job and other responsibilities and sometimes it feels like I am going a mile a minute and there is no time to get a chance to write. How do we fit in what we live to the lives we lead?

I have always heard that if you want to write, then you simply must write. Where are those people? I know that I am pretty decent with time management but when I have to work all day, go home and take care of my dog and myself, make dinner, do dishes, try to keep the house picked up and cleaned and then make sure that I am ready for the next day, that doesn’t leave much time for personal hobbies or aspirations. I can plan to write for 30 mins a day, but then all the sudden my car is acting up or I failed to do dishes from the night before, do I neglect my responsibilities to do my writing? Is that irresponsible of us to put our desires above the things we need to get done?

What is more important what we want or we need to do? I struggle sometimes finding the time to fit in what I want to do with all the other things I need to do. I think that if I constantly ignore the things that I want to do for the things I am required, then eventually I will go entirely crazy! I think that we all need an escape of some kind. I don’t think that for me writing is really an escape, but it is something that I feel lead to do. I feel that I need to do it and if I am not able to do it then I am not being who I am meant to be.

Writing, art, is a choice, unless you are lucky enough to call it a career. For many of us, it’s a dream and something that we hope one day will be an achievement, but for the time being I think that we must do it as we can. I think that we should strive to make plans for getting where we want to be.

For me, this blog was created for that purpose. I am using this as a way to get my creative muscles moving and also to interact with other writers and get ideas and tips. I am writing this as I write my first novel, which I hope the first draft will be completed by mid next year. I honestly lately have been slacking and need to re-commit myself to writing, but we must plan, schedule and outline for the things we want. We set goals for ourselves so that we have an idea and we aren’t aimlessly wandering towards an illusive dream.

I want to be published and finish my first novel. I have a job and other things that I need to get done and continue to do, but I know that I have check points and if I miss them then I have missed deadlines. I need to hold myself accountable just as I would be at work. We can’t get lost in the daily chaos of life, or we will look up and see that our life was lost in it all, rather than us taking and creating what we want from our life. Do what you need, but don’t get lost from doing what you want. Don’t let your responsibilities keep you from a dream or goal that you want to achieve.

So where are you going? What do you want out of your life? Share it with us. Leave me a comment and tell me where you are going and how you are doing with your goals. I know that I need to do a check in with myself, it is always important to step back and see where you are and how far you are from where you want to be.


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