Writing for the Reader

There are times when you feel like you are just burnt out. It might be caused by many factors, and it can happen in every area of life, personal or professional. It is always hard in your personal life when you feel like you are trying and trying and you just can’t seem to get where you want to be. I have experienced that, like everyone else, and it is just as frustrating when you experience that in your professional life too.

As a writer, I have had my share of rejection and burn out. I have had the feeling that no matter what I do or create it will never be enough or good enough. What is special about me and my writing? Why would someone pick up my book, or read my blog over anyone else? What do I have to offer? There are times when you start to write/create and it feels like everything just flows from you, but there are other times when it feels like no matter what you write it is complete dribble!

I have been there! There are times writing this blog that I think, who cares?! Why would anyone want to read this random babbling of some girl who wants to be an author? How many people out there share my same story? But then that is the point right? We write to connect, we are writing to people who understand. I create out of my own emotions, struggles and experiences in order to create something that others can relate to. If I wrote something that no one understood or connected with, I would just be wasting my time. I need to write for myself, but also for those who read.

My audience, like for any writer, has to be at least in the back of their minds when they are writing. I know that I need to create something that will pull you in, make you want to read and also make you want to come back and read more. If I just ramble on about things that I feel I know or feel that you should know without any engaging qualities to my writing, then I would not gain any additional readers and I would probably lose the ones that I have. We have to be writers who would want to read the stuff that we create. I can’t write something then never want to read it again, because then why would anyone else want to read and re-read it? We have to be our own critic and say, “would I read this?” If we answer no, then we have to go back to the drawing board, but if we would then we have to allow the audience to make their own decisions about it.

Sometimes it is hard to get a feel for those who are or might be reading. Sometimes all we can do is create something we feel we understand and others can relate to and hope that it will strike a cord with someone. Just like my first flash fiction piece which was published, I received rejection after rejection, almost giving up hope, but then I got an editor who said something that I still write thinking. They told me what I wrote “struck a cord with them”, which was why they published it. So as long as you write for others, in the sense of relating, then eventually you will find the right editor, agent or publication that will think what you wrote will fit.

Got a story to tell? Leave me a comment below and tell me about a time when you were about ready to give up on a piece, right before you found success with it. As long as you are writing, then you are succeeding. Just keep going!


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