Wishing for Snow


Photo Credit: B.C

Here in Texas, at least where I am, this is the only snow I get this year. It has been cold, which is nice and helps with the season, but snow is very rare here. I have seen it snow here, even on Christmas eve one year, but those years are few and far between. I know that snow doesn’t make it the holidays, just like anything else it is what we make it, but there are times that I wish I could sit in front of a fireplace and get cozy with the one I love.

Who is to say that if I did live where it snowed that I would have a fireplace right? Talk about the Hollywood ideal, but in my mind it would be awesome to wake up around Christmas and see the ground covered in snow. There are people all around the world that leave these areas where it snows or may have never seen snow before in their lives! There are places that never really get cold, in the desert, islands, it’s a topical feel all year around and there is nothing wrong with that, but for me, I want the cold.

I love sitting down when it is cold outside and drinking hot chocolate or warm tea. Holidays are about being close with those you love family, friends or whoever they might be and enjoying the time. Snow is just something that is outside of your door, it doesn’t have to equal any kind of feelings at all. For me, give me a snow day any time around the holidays and it would make it that much better.

What brings in the holiday feel for you? What is something that you wish would happen where you are, yet rarely or never happens? Share your comments below and help spread the holiday cheer to all. Happy holidays and stay warm!


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