Believe in Your Talent

Believe in yourself and you never know what you can achieve. If you believe in yourself, the sky is the limit. The world is at your finger tips. All these cliches that we hear or are told throughout our lives, often seem trite but they do hold truth in them. When it comes to a career in the arts, often we need just such sayings to get us through. If we don’t believe in ourselves and our talents, then no one else will.

All I have read about self-publishing is that it is hard work. Of course, what isn’t hard work nowadays? We need to go into everything with our eyes wide open and see that what we have to offer is unique. We are creating a product, or story, that is individual to us. We created this with our blood, sweat and tears, often it feels like the case, and we need to be willing to fight to the death to be sure that we see it succeed. Do we need to have blind hope and faith? No. We need to know that what we have is the best product that we can create.

We have to put in just as much work as we want to get out of our product. We need to edit our work and if possible we need to have an editor look over it. We need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that what we are writing is our best final product possible. We can’t get someone to get behind something that we don’t believe in or something that we didn’t work our hardest to create.

Success starts with us. We are the ones who will either hurt or help our books, stories, art, succeed or fail. We need to have a plan, have a product and have a desire. We want to be the best at what we do and we have to believe that we are so, because if not how are we to get others to believe it? Work hard to get where you want, no one will give it to you. You have to be willing to put in the work, long hours and determination to see yourself succeed before you will ever inspire anyone else to get on board and help you succeed.


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