The Fight to Be Right

We all want to be right, but at what cost? There are a lot of times we risk relationships, friendships, or pride just to win a battle when after it’s done, no one will remember. Why do we fight so hard to be right?

There are many different factors depending on gender, culture, who we are addressing, and the list goes on. When it comes to being right or winning an argument, what are you willing to risk? I can set aside pride and ego to say I’m sorry even if I believe I’m right. Often our society views that as a weakness, why? Is it weak to care? Honestly maybe it is, but isn’t that being human.

I know we all have our issues and worries. We have all been hurt or burned and there are some things we will fight no matter what to get our points across. In the end, we can either be right or be wrong, but really all that matters is how you handle it.

No person is superior to another and we shouldn’t act as such. There are times when we feel that we have the right or at that we need to go around endlessly, when if we just took a breath and let it go, then life would be happier. We shouldn’t compromise who we are but we should be willing to let things go for the sake of keeping peace, especially when it is something so simple. In any relationship, we have to pick and choose our battles, so if it something worth fighting for, then by all means, but if it is something petty, what do you lose by letting it go? Don’t lose everything simply for the sake of saying that you were right. Eventually you may fight your way out of the best thing in your life or fight away everyone that loves you.


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