Good in the News?

Every day the news is filled with the things that media deems worthy of making note of, most of which is about murders, bombings, invasions, all the worst of the world. These are the things that drive us as people and a nation, all of this depression and heartache and then we wonder why society is the way it is. Whether it is video games, movies, books or TV, there is the debate of what influences us, is it us that influences media or is it the other way around? Do children spend too much time fictionally killing things and that is what turns our world more violent every day or is that simply because we continue to become greedier and greedier?

It is beyond many people that I know that I hate to watch the news and often times I tend to avoid it. I will browse the news online, but watching it on TV for me is just a waste. I have been called a bleeding heart and maybe that is the problem, but I don’t need to see all the worst of society displayed nightly. Maybe it’s a simple or naive view to want to see good in the world, but we all know that good does happen. If you browse through Yahoo’s homepage, you will find a story from time to time, often buried in the other noteworthy events, but it is one that touch your heart. A story about a waiter getting a large, generous tip, a family who receives money from a kind stranger, or some other touching story, yet why do these stories get buried in all the other massive amounts of news.

I guess there are those who would claim that such stories aren’t really news, but why does a domestic shooting make the news, while a joyous event gets overlooked? If there is a robbery and an active shooter is on the loose, I want to know about that news, that is for my own health and safety, but a murder/suicide of a father killing is family why is that news when a father going out of his way to help his family isn’t? Do we thrive on the bad of the world? Do we want to see bad to feel better about our own lives and ourselves? I personally don’t need to see other people’s pain and suffering in order to feel better about my own life, again maybe this is just me being naive.

The news can’t always be pretty, but maybe this is just my rose colored glasses looking out into the world, if reporters found stories of hope and success, just as much as the hurt and pain then news would be more well rounded. Life doesn’t have to focus on what is harsh and horrible, neither does the news, so why not try a little harder, dig a little deeper to see the good that there is out there? I know that there are millions of good things going on outside in the world, so why not share in that joy?

Am I just a crazy, bleeding heart girl with an idealized view of the world? I think at times I fall in that, the world would be better if we could all just get along, but I know we can’t, yet we can strive for something we don’t see, can’t we? Want to share your opinions or tell me I am crazy, leave me a comment below or share some good stories that would never end up on the evening news.


4 thoughts on “Good in the News?

  1. I understand your point. But also I know why news are the way they are. They’re like live action movies for some viewers. Panic works too. But also I think at times that news reflect how society it is nowadays. There are good things out there, but those are not news in terms for majority of viewers. In my personal opinion, I don’t think news should change. Well, maybe, they should just stop exaggerating, cause that’s what makes them be as horrible as they are. Sadly enough there’s not enough good in this world to overcome the bad. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good at all, it means goodness is a hidden gem and a special quality just a few people have within themselves. Reality is harsh but if you have love inside, you’ll want to change that reality only for the better. Reflect on what’s wrong and make it right, at least in your life. Those are my two cents.

    • Thank you for sharing your point of view and I guess you really highlighted my point about what is wrong. It is the exaggeration and the things that people want or choose to see. If people didn’t want to see the things they do on the news, then the news would have to change, but it’s business so as long as people keep watching then nothing will change. We must all work on changing the things that we don’t like in the world, including the things we don’t see in ourselves and hopefully that will mean as we change ourselves, that will change the world around us too. Thanks again. 🙂

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