Dear Santa

I read a fellow blog post that suggested writing letters to Santa. As we grow up we stop being in things such and I think with that belief goes the magic with it. Santa isn’t about believing in something fake, but believing in the possibility of something good. I think that at times we forget that and like was suggested in the other post, let’s all write a letter to Santa. What would yours say?

Dear Santa,

I know it’s a little close to Christmas and I’m a little older than your typical letter writer, but there were a few things if you could help with I’d be grateful. I don’t want to appear stingy or better than I am, but there are things I want should you be able. So first let me start with me.

What I want for Christmas is the magic. I want the feeling your holiday brings all year around. I want to feel the happiness and joy throughout all the year. I don’t need material things Santa, which I know will make it hard for you, but if you must bring me something just make it something to remind me to smile through all the hardships life brings.

Now Santa I know this isn’t fair to ask of you, but I’d like to make a bigger request than me. If you could find it in your heart, I won’t be so bold as to ask for world peace, ending hunger or stopping hate, but could you pass on a little cheer. Santa you see we here around the world see all the heartbreak in the world daily. We see death, hate, depression, sadness and it surrounds us everyday and if we could just be reminded of something better, then maybe this Christmas would be a little brighter.

I can only imagine how you feel at reading my request and I know you’ll do your best. I hope that all the world finds a way to take of your gifts you bring and to spread a little cheer and hope. In this world we don’t need the most expensive thing, we just need a little hope to keep us going. Please spread a little around the world this Christmas to everyone big and small.

With greatest respect,


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