The Magic of the Holidays

I remember being a kid, being so excited when it came closer to Christmas and being almost unable to wait until Christmas morning. Now I barely remember how soon Christmas is and those feelings I used to get, I have to try and find now, when they used to be natural. Where do those feelings go? Do we lose that childlike excitement and glee as we grow older? What was it I was looking forward to? Was it easier to believe in Santa Clause and believe in the “magic” of the season? Do we grow up and lose that?

What exactly is the magic of the season? Is it the belief in a magical man who can bring you whatever you want? Or is it simply the belief in magic? The belief that what you can’t see is possible, that if you dream it and do good then you can achieve or get things that you want. As we grow up in the world, we often see those who really struggle and try, at times still fail. We see families that lose everything. We see homeless, we see heartbreak, we see sadness. We see how little “magic” there really is, so why at least try to hold on to a little of that during the holiday season?

There are those who find it in faith and the belief in a higher being. There are those who find it in nothing like that at all. There are those who simply think that we live this life and that is it. No matter what you believe, we all need to believe in magic sometimes. We need to believe in dreams. We need to believe in the possibility that good things can happen. We don’t need to keep it only to the holiday season, but if we can somehow tap into what we felt when we were younger and hold on to that feeling all year around, then maybe we will be headed in the right direction.

Do you still have that holiday spirit? Do you believe in magic? What helps you hold on to the magical feelings all year around? Let me know below and I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time, hope you are enjoying the magic of the holidays!


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