What is it you love? Do you love it with all of your heart? Do you hold yourself back or just release it all? Is love worth giving up everything to pursue? Is that naive to think that love can be forever or does that even happen anymore? We live in a world that moves too quickly and often the things that are most important don’t last long enough.

Often times love is the most difficult thing to find, hold on to, or express. We all seem to get lost in the wanting but fear of letting go. I don’t think that one can love without losing or the fear of doing so. I have loved and lost, more times then I care to count, but should that keep me from doing it again? Isn’t the best thing in life the ability to love and accept it back from another?

I am not perfect and I don’t pretend to be so. Truly loving is showing all of your broken pieces, all the parts you think are bad about yourself and offering that up to someone and seeing if they can love that part of you too. If you find someone who loves the parts you perceive to be broken and they still stay, then they do truly love you. We all have good in us, some more so than others, but nonetheless if we approach life out of a place of love, we will get that back in return.

Some may just shake their heads and call me silly or a dreamer, but I would rather dream of love and hope, then to be consumed by my nightmares. I will never stop loving even if I am doing it alone. Loving is the only way to change the world into the place we really want. We have to find ways, sometimes new ways, to express how we feel for those that we love, but it is always worth any risk.

What do you do for those you love? Is love your greatest accomplishment or something you feel isn’t needed? I think that the greater the risk, the bigger the reward. Our reward that we aim for should be love and a happy life, and we can’t do that by shutting ourselves off. Give someone of your heart and allow them to experience some of yours, and the sky really is the limit.


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