Easily Offended

This world seems to be walking on egg shells. We, as Americans, are so focused on being politically correct and not offending anyone by saying anything that any group could find offensive. I am not saying that we should go out and be ignorant about the things we say, but constantly speaking in a manner not to offend, someone, is that even possible?! I am a very respectful person, or at least I attempt to be, but certain things, I just feel like I have to say come on about.

I have read blogs here that claim to want to offend everyone. There are common phrases that are offensive to certain groups. Should we go around perpetuating hate? Of course not. Should we go around spouting ignorance and setting our country back? No! But can we not have mascots and representations of something, if done in good taste, just be that, a mascot?!

I had a co-worker come into work saying that the high school that she attended would have to change their name because they were known as the Redskins. Apparently, as the world continues to turn, it has become offensive, of course despite the NFL team of the same name. We also have a NFL team called the Cowboys, will that be offensive too. If we can’t have a team with a representation of Indians, why would it then be ok for them to have it for Cowboys?

When I was in school our mascot was a dog and our biggest rivals was a school that had a deer as a mascot. We had many displays showing a killing of a deer or we would “go hunting” when we would play them. Is that politically incorrect? Is that offensive? It’s a fact that people hunt, and that people hunt deer, but for a school to display such a representation will it suddenly be unacceptable and it will have to be changed. I wonder how long that will take for the mascot of my old high school to be changed too.

Personally, I can’t say what is right or wrong, but a mascot, a school or professional team mascot being changed, to me, I think it’s a little too far. As a society, we are more conscious of those around us and so we do try not to offend, but to what cost are we willing to go to make sure that doesn’t happen? We do still have free speech and can say whatever we choose to say, but I don’t believe that we should do it at the cost of anyone else. There are times it will be a lose/lose situation and we can’t do anything about it. We just have to find the most respectful way of saying it that would offend the least amount of people.

It’s like no matter what you say or do it will offend someone, so you just have to choose the best way in order to present it. We can’t make everyone happy, but honestly we can’t spend our time trying to run around and please everyone either. We will never progress, people need a little bit of humor in their lives and not take themselves so seriously. If people don’t go out with harmful intentions, try not to get so easily offended by something so simple as a mascot. Maybe it’s just me but we have more important things to worry about than just mascots and constantly worrying about what we say and how it might offend one person or another.

Want to weigh in? Is the school right to change or consider changing the mascot? Are we a country, nation, society too focused on being politically correct? Share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “Easily Offended

  1. Another great article. I think what’s really offensive is the derogatory way people threat one another. No words can hurt if it’s not in a derogatory way. It can be the less offensive word there is but of you use in a way to make a person feel like less, then it becomes a weapon only to hurt.

    • I appreciate it 🙂 Thank you. I couldn’t agree more, it’s all about the intent with one uses the word(s). If people would just try to be more understanding and considerate maybe issues could be avoided, but in a perfect world right?! Oh well, all we can do is try our best to be intelligent with how we use our words and try not to let ourselves get lost in getting offended by harmless things such as mascot choices…but that is just my two cents, maybe four by now since I have the article and this long comment 😉 hehe

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