What’s On Your List?

The holidays are almost upon us. In less than a week, many of us will be sitting down around the tree with family and/or friends to open up gifts to celebrate Christmas. For Christians, the celebration of offering gifts goes back to the gift God gave the world, Jesus, and our celebration each year of that. The commercialization of this holiday has changed it and made it universal, where Santa Clause goes house to house delivering presents and holiday cheer, so that children can have gifts to open come the 25th.

Whether you are old or young, what is it you are wishing for this holiday season? For me, there are a few items that I have my eye on, such as the Keurig. I use one at work and have found it very handy. Besides that for me, it’s not large ticket items, but just things such as movies or gift cards.

I know for my list that I plan on giving to those around me, I am thankful for gift cards. Often people say this is an impersonal gift, but if you have someone who you aren’t sure what to get what could be better? Why get someone something they will never use or have to exchange when you know where they shop and you can give them a gift card? This way it is a slight step up from just offering money, though I know a few friends that say I wouldn’t be offended if you just gave me money.

Movies and TV series on Blue Ray and DVD are also very good and sometimes cheap options. Most retailers put specials around the holidays and will run them cheaper during this time. Special editions often come out during this time too, so they can sneak in some extra sales and give you an alternate buying option.

Despite the tax added to amazon.com, I still think this is one of the best places online to find whatever it is you might need. I love shopping on Amazon because they also have alternate options where people sell their own stuff and if you buy from an individual seller then you can also avoid the tax (just a small tip). If you are planning to buy online, I would recommend signing up for newsletters for the retail store that has items you might want to purchase. With the newsletters, I have found that they remind you of deals they are having with many running “free shipping” specials although sometimes it requires a minimum purchase amount. These deals from the newsletters are always good to keep an eye out for, especially if you are a last minute shopper.

For me, as I have grown up, Christmas has changed. I work and have my own money now and many of the things that I want, I can buy myself. Christmas is a nice time now to get away from the office and spend time with those you love. I know that I look forward to my break and although I have a few items on my list, I just mainly look forward to the vacation. So what are you hoping for under the tree this year? Leave me a comment and let me know, also be sure to stop back in and let us know if you got what you were hoping for.


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