I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Week One

***New segment alert***

I have recently started to include opinion pieces, yet taking that one step further I decided to start, at least, a weekly segment called, “I’ve Got Something to Say About This.” In this segment, I hope to link to a news article, highlight a tweet, or focus on something news worthy, either good or bad it won’t always be a highlight of something awful, and I’ll share my humble opinion about whatever it is, then of course I will ask my readers to weigh in, either by commenting below or email (thepursuit.beingcreative@gmail.com) and should it bring on a debate or make me think, I could ask you to be a guest blogger or I will do a follow up to include a discussion style post featuring you. Also with this new segment, if you have ideas or would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to let me know and you could be featured in “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…”

School Shootings: CNN Article: “Why? Sheriff wants to know reason for Colorado school shooting”

The article above is a link to a story about yet another school shooting here in the states. This one happened on Friday, December 13th in Colorado, where a young boy brought a shot gun to school and opened fire, before killing himself. This story tragically begins and ends with the shooter. Thankfully he only wounded another student, yet it ended with his death. There are those who would feel that he got what he deserved, maybe you are right, but I save judgment for someone better than me. Any child’s death, is a tragedy, be it by the hand of another or their own.

Sadly, as you make your way through the article, you see comments reflection on the character of the shooter, saying he was “a nice young man”, and no one can understand where this came from? There are far too many stories such as this that float around in the news nowadays. School shootings and massacres in public places, what is our world coming to? Saturday, was the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, which was one of the worst in our history. Children are being sent to schools, where they should be protected and educated and they are being killed by classmates or madmen?!

Where does the blame fall? Is it the parents of the kids or killers? Did they do something wrong? We live in a different world than ever before, we have the internet at our finger tips and access to weapons or tips on how to create harmful weapons, for anyone to access. All too often, the news reads about the correlation of social networking on these instances too. Social networking is often a breeding ground for bullying and many times those students who kill themselves or those around them, it will trace back to online bullying of some form. I have a previous post concerning social networking, and my opinion about it should you want to explore that topic more and comment.

Our nation will band together after such tragedies and we have seen that time and again. I am proud that we will help our neighbors when we all lose when dealing with shootings and massacres, but we should be proactive not retroactive. Each year we pour more and more resources into defense and we need a strong defense such as police and SWAT, but are we overlooking the real cause? Has the dissolution of the home caused some of this chaos? Has the technology age ushered in more problems with mass shootings and online bullying, that our society has not been able to figure out how to resolve?

Many of these shooters could have been helped dealing with psychological issues, although I know a large portion of those reading might not agree. We cut and take out counselors in schools, because people deem psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, etc as less and society says we should be able to deal with it. Is that lack of knowledge what is continuing to perpetuate these types of killings? I certainly can’t say, but I don’t think the governmental budget cuts for funding mental and psychological care is the answer. I think we need to look at treating the problem, rather than just being a country that reacts to these problems. We need to be aware when people are struggling and help them before they kill someone else, or themselves.

So you have heard what I have to say, want to share your thoughts on this tragedy and others like it. What do you think will help? Share your comments below or send me an email. Until next time, let me know what you have to say, before you hear more from me.


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