Getting Noticed (Creating for the Masses)

What do you want? What is it that drives you? That makes you read, listen or watch something and say I want that, I want more of that. I know that as artists and writers that is what we want. We want to know what our audiences desires, what makes them tick, what makes them keep coming back for more. So how do you figure that out? How do you create something that makes the masses turn to you and say you have what I want and I just can’t get enough?

I think we are all searching for that one thing. That thing that someone, or masses will take notice of and say I just can’t get enough. I don’t think if you do this only for the fame or money, then you will ever be doing it for the right reasons. We all want to have our talent, or what we perceive to be our talent noticed and appreciated. I am humbled, each time that I come on here and see any likes or comments on my page and on my work. I question in my mind and reconsider what is it that I am writing and what is it that seems to get the most attention and seems to please those who read.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in English and we all know that is one subject that isn’t formulaic. We can’t create or tell someone do this exactly and each time you will find success. English, writing, art, it is all subjective and with each new teacher or reader, you have to figure out what is it you want to say. Something that will be both expressionistic, personal, artistic, but will also reach out from the screen and grab whomever is reading so that they will take notice and say I must read more.

I don’t think that there is any one formula for success in any field, I think that the diversity that we see daily proves that. I do believe that there are different things we can do to better ourselves and better our possibility of being noticed. Just like most writers will say, to be a good writer you must be a reader. So in essence if you want to be good at anything, writing, music, TV, film, art, whatever you medium may be, you must be a student of that medium and immerse yourself in it in order to see what is currently working and what others are doing and see where you can compare, be different, make changes, etc.

I think that if you put yourself out there in a real way then you will find someone who relates and the more people that start to relate the more popular you will be. Putting into practice the idea of being a good writer, in order to do that I must be a good blog reader. I must read what other bloggers are doing, see how their followers respond and then merge my own posts into that to create success for myself. I enjoy the other blogs that I follow and read, I get ideas, become inspired and just enjoy reading all that they have to offer. The more you get out and get to know those who your audience is, the better you will be at creating things that they will enjoy.

So get out and mingle, then take your knowledge and fuse that into your art. No matter what always create, look to be inspired and inspire those around you. I have found that love, hope, inspiration, are things that everyone clings too. Sometimes you don’t have present a “flowery” version of these things, you can be honest and people still want to read it, because we all want to be inspired. We all want to see our success ignite others to say I can do that. In the end, I just hope that through all the writing and words, there can be action because that is what changes things, changes the world, changes people. We must start with a few to get to the masses and honestly for each of us, the sky is the limit.


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