What Gives You Hope?

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

We all need to be inspired and find something to offer us hope at times, what do you look to? I know that I have a symbol for hope, which most people often look to me and think I am crazy, but just hear me out. Keys are my symbol that I surround myself with to remind me I can get through anything. I thought up this saying to go along with it, “As long as you have a key, then you always have a way out.” I tell myself that and keep keys around me as a reminder.

I have always loved old keys and found them fascinating, still do today. I love to collect them and have quite a collection of skeleton and random keys that I have stumbled upon over the years. As I started to examine my love of them closer, I questioned why I loved to surround myself with them so much. I know it seems very practical but really, there is no lock that is ever created that did not have a key that could open it. In essence, we are told if we believe in a higher power, say God, that “if He brings us to it He will bring us through it.” I took that idea of thinking into my symbol, if there is a lock on anything, literal or metaphorically, then there has to be some way to open it, some key.

There are things, hurt, pain, depression, anxiety, whatever it might be that feels just inescapable but trust me, there is a key to even our emotional and mental struggles. I look to keys as a reminder daily that no matter how bad it gets or confusing that I have the keys I need, or I can find the keys I need, to get through whatever it is. You don’t have to look to keys and see what I do, but just try to find something that works for you, to bring you that same hope. Find something to remind you that no matter what is going on that hope is always there and will always be there, if you just keep looking and searching. Remember there is always hope and there is always a key to every lock, just hold on until you find it.


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