What It All Means

Getting inspired? What are the things that guide you? Where does your creation come from? It seems like a common and almost simple question, but really the things that make us tick or cause us to create are what makes us the individuals we are. It may not matter what that is, but that we allow whatever it is to inspire us.

I know that for me, I am an artist. I breathe, eat, sleep to create in some form or another. My main form of expression is to be able to write. I write to allow my honest, true self to show through. I find that in life and in many times just straight talk, I get lost in myself and often don’t allow what I truly want to say to come out. I find that in my art, my true form of expression, that is the only time I can really be me. I don’t need to hide or shield anything, I am just who I am and my words speak for themselves.

Do other artists feel this way? Is art a way of living, a lifestyle, more than just a hobby of some kind? I know that if I didn’t create then it would be like I wouldn’t know who I am. I find out who I am through my writing and through every piece of art I am able create. I throw everything into my artistic expression because it gives me a release I can’t find anywhere else.

I am just writing on the subject of writing, or really creating. Art is about expression and creating and if you are going to hide from yourself even in there, well then what is the point? Life is too short and art has a way of allowing us to connect to the idea of being able to embrace our lives. I have been hurt in my life like everyone, but in my place of anger and pain there is still light and hope that shines through, although at times it may be hard to see. I hope to inspire others to be who they want to be and feel safe to be who they really are, because you are the only you there can be, so why not be the best version of you!


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