The World We Live

It’s the start of a new day, there is a slight chill in the air, with December coming in full force. You have a happy family, the sound of your children fill the air from the kitchen as their mother gets them fed and ready for school. You walk in and see your son and daughter’s faces smiling up at you. You lean in and offer your wife a kiss on the cheek as you prepare to start your day. Each day you already know exactly what you will do and the struggles that you will have, you often don’t know exactly what to expect but you at least hope you have a good day. You pick up your coat and grab a bottle of water before rushing out to make it to the bus stop.

You don’t have to walk far, since work is hard to come by, your family has yet to be able to afford another form of transportation. You know that your children will be ushered out the door to catch the bus, not long after you have left and you hope that they are able to learn everything they can to avoid the life you are forced to lead. You thought life would be all the possibilities that generations before had and that we could still achieve the “American Dream”, but today has that dream vanished? You couldn’t afford to stay in school, yet the friends you had who managed to make it through getting a degree, they only managed to become in debt earlier and didn’t have any greater success than you. How do you get ahead in a world that is struggling to keep a nation running? This story is one you are either a part of or you know one or more people who are living such a life.

Generations ago, you went to school, went to college and at the end of which you made it out to find a job which you were qualified. Today, you find statistics that say half of college grads work jobs that don’t require a degree or that twice as many are seeking only minimum wage jobs. It seems like the day of the “American Dream” have disappeared and now all we are seeking and searching for is a job. Dreams now a days seems like a luxury many of us aren’t afforded the opportunity to have. It has many people questioning what, if any, is the benefit of even going to college to get a degree? What really is your best option? Should you start working immediately and skip all the rest?

After I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in the summer of 2009, I struggled to find a full time job. I worked three part time jobs, since I could not get hired at a full time, just to make ends meat. I hoped that the opportunity would present itself at one of these locations where I could gain full time employment, so I kept working. It seems that the idea of working and home life has become blurred. We no longer highlight the life of having a home and family, we are focused in the news and media to work, work, work. More women are getting out of the house to seek full time employment, so where does that leave the family unit?

We struggle to find suitable work, so we take menial jobs, sometimes multiple to sustain an average lifestyle. Many jobs, especially minimum wage paying jobs, barely support one person let alone a family. How can you raise a child when you barely have enough food and means to take care of yourself? In the end, what is the most important thing, the work, school or family? Just as everything has changed with technology, so it has changed the job market and we are either getting lost in the mix or we are being consumed by it. Do we find ways to seek the best employment possible and still hope to provide for a family? What is the right way? What is the best way? Are the days of old, when we could get a college education and find a good paying job over? What is your opinion? Are you a college grad seeking work?

Share your stories here and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you in the comments below or through email. All I can say is no matter what you are doing, always try to find at least one thing that brings you happiness and when you have the chance forget all your troubles and just get lost in it.


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