Editing: Which Looks Better?

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

You can take anything you want and edit it to create almost something brand new. The image above has been striped of color and changed to fit what I feel is an adequate new image. I have enjoyed the possibilities of what editing a photo can do to enhance and almost upgrade the quality of a photograph.

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

Above is the original image, to your eyes which do you think is more appealing? You can take a rather ordinary looking picture, like the one above and you can change it to be creative, beautiful or even inspiring. The programs you can find online or even using Photoshop, you can create a new image to illicit all kind of emotions from your readership.

Opinion time: What do you think? Do you like the change? Does it even look like the same photo? What else would you use to edit this? Share with me your thoughts on the matter, what are some of your favorite editing tools for photos? Leave me a comment below.


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