Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Have you ever questioned the value of the things that you do? Does writing words on a screen matter to anyone else? Will anyone read these words and find any worth in them? What defines you, your ambition or your skills? Do they go hand in hand, are you only as good as where you talents can take you? There are countless stories and everyday you can browse the web or YouTube and find talented people, with a variety of different skills, so is just creating enough? Isn’t it a waste when you see millions, if not billions, of hits on something simply idiotic, while something that is truly impressive only has a couple thousand? Does society care about real art and creation or they just looking to mindlessly be entertained?

We all struggle with being true to ourselves and our talent. Do we want to become sell outs? Those people who do anything to get a buck? The other day I read a blog, where the blogger discussed a fellow blogger who wrote simply for the attention. Should we write just to see our “view” tally rise and send out mindless, senseless dribble to watch that happen? I have come across countless blogs with content that I know exceeds my own, yet I see so few people reading, commenting or even liking! I often wonder what is it that brings people to these places and more importantly what makes them stay?

There are those blogs of course that offer advice on how you should do this, word this or say this to help boost your traffic, but that is just one view out of the millions that have found success. I know, especially with blogging, that not everyone that comes into the blogging world desires to use this as a platform for stardom, although there are those who certainly do, or at least they hope it helps them. Do we want to spend all our time worrying about how much traffic we get and how to get more? Of course we don’t, but it is always good to visit this and consider what you are doing and how you can improve.

We all should strive for greatness, even if it is not for fame and fortune, we should want to be the best versions of ourselves. We should want the things we say and write to be the best possible example of our thoughts, feelings, art, expression, that we have and we should send that out into the world. I think that the things that matter and that work are the things we pour both our hearts and our minds into. We are only as good as the words we say, at least here in the blogging world, so why not make each word count and make sure what you send out is in top form. Each blog post is an expression of what we want to say or what we feel should be said, and if we aren’t sure what that is, then how is our audience ever expected to figure that out. Type with certainty, think out what you want to say and send out your best “face” for the best results. Let your words be the things that make you memorable.

Want to share you opinion about my words? Please leave me a comment or send me an email at thepursuit.beingcreative@gmail.com I would love to hear from you about what you like, don’t like or your opinions on my writing. Look forward to “talking” again.


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