Keeping Secrets

Lets face it, we all lie. It’s a commandment and we should strive to always be honest, but we are human and we aren’t perfect. Is a lie ever the right thing? I’m not sure you will find anyone that says you should lie, but we all accept that everyone lies, right? Maybe we focus more on the reason for lying rather than the actual lie itself.

We have sugar coated it and those lies that we consider acceptable are what we call “white lies”. Those are the lies that people tell to save someone’s feelings, keep the peace or simply to get out of something. People think that by hiding hurtful information it can save someone, when if they were honest from the start they wouldn’t have to worry. Most times the truth always has a way of coming out, one way or the other, so being honest from the start really would be the best thing for everyone.

Let’s face it, there are times in everyone’s life that we just don’t feel like having all of our business displayed for the world to see. Are the times that we have things that should, could, be shared and we decide not to that is a secret, and if someone asks and we lie, is that ok? If it is our truth to tell, shouldn’t we decide who we do and do not tell? I guess one could always say, if you have a secret and someone asks you about it, you could always just politely tell them that you would rather not share, but honestly who has that worked for? You try to tell people something is none of their business in a nice, kind way, but let’s face it most people don’t seem to take the hint, so at times we feel almost forced to lie!

In the end, being honest from the very start may cause some drama, but would save future headache. We can’t be honest all the time and someone asks an opinion, what will we say? Is agreeing to keep peace the same as lying? Is holding a secret you aren’t ready to share when asked directly about it, a lie? Who is the judge and jury here, our social peers, isn’t it he who is without sin cast the first stone? So who has not lied, really? Have we accepted lies and secrets as a way of life, is a “honest” life no longer possible? I had a friend that said any form of deception is a lie. So by her standards, anything that is not the truth, the straight truth would be a lie. How often do we do this without thinking? Have we become a society that accepts lies? What if we were all honest all the time? Could we handle that? Would we want to? Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear.


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