Seeking a Publisher vs. Self-Publishing: The Way to Go?

As I have stated from the start, I am working on finishing up my very first novel and have aspirations for publishing either through the traditional or non-traditional route. Time after time I have seen posts and researched on the web and the debate about which route to take is everywhere. I have come across a few blogs that touch on the issue as well. A kind fellow blogger has referenced a few of her own post in the aspiration for publishing, where she tells of what has led to her deciding to self-publish. From a post of her’s, it even explains that some publishers now aren’t telling you no because they don’t want to publish your work, but they just aren’t willing to risk publishing it. So you could write a literary masterpiece and if they fear publishing it, it might never see the light of day, does that make any sense? But publishing is a business so they have to do what is best for them and their business, which might not include you.

If you type into Google “self-publishing”, you will find countless links for companies, advice blogs or articles and millions of other links and suggestions for searches, to either help or provide you information concerning the topic. There are many that are reassuring and also discouraging articles, that say that often self-publishing is the way to go but none of the sites sugar coat it. If you shy away from the traditional route, self-publishing is a tough business and you have to have heart and dedication in order to make any kind of profit at it. From all that I have read, it appears that often people do choose to go the self-publishing route, but in order to do that and find success there are key elements that need to be included.

Of course you need to have a good, well from what I read, great product. You have to create a story that grabs the reader. It is encouraged to find an editor, since anyone can self-publish, you have to set yourself aside. You may not find an agent that feels their company can sell your work, but an editor will always work for you whether you go traditional or non-traditional route.

You have to be dedicate. Promote, promote, promote. Of course with that, you have to be able to do so tastefully. You can’t just spam your way into great sales, you have to be strategic. When you plan on self-publishing, put just as much effort into your promotional planning as you do your novel preparations. You need to know where you are going to promote and how you are going to do it. Have a plan in place prior to getting your book out there.

With social media, we have ways of creating a buzz for our product prior to it even being released. Getting reviews seems to be another key ingredient to the mix, so prior to releasing your novel, use your media networks and seek out reviewers.

One interesting tip I read today, was if you are interested, simply seek out buying your own ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and you can create your own publishing company. For me, that was quite an interesting an idea and something I will want to research more.

So regardless of what route you choose, at least with the internet we know that we have options. The industry of book publishing is a tough market to break into, yet at least now we have some loop holes we can go through to get there. With the market today, we now how the chance to build our own company and assist other hopefuls out there. So what are you writing? Are you going to be sending it off to publishers and if you do, what is your deadline before you start shopping around for alternatives?

Please share your thoughts and comments with me if you are an aspiring author. How do you plan to get there? Any tips you have found along the way? Any advice? Share them all below in the comment section or as always send me a email: I would love to hear from you. Until next time, happy blogging.


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