What We Leave Behind

What are you searching for? Are the things we dream about a necessity? Is who we are linked to what we achieve? Do aspiration and achievement combine to form the legacy we leave behind? Does anyone remember the person who was in pursuit of being the greatest writer, blogger, musician? Eventually we have to find a way to achieve a portion or leave behind something of worth to stand out and say I was here!

There have been many artist who did not live to see the success of their work, such as Picasso, Henry Thoreau, or Vincent van Gogh just to name a few. Did that mean that their lives meant less simply because they were unable to find the success they were seeking in life? Of course not, they did not have a lesser impact simply by not achieving their dreams, but their work stood for itself and they left behind a legacy. No one wants to be the struggling artists, yet most of us are, but in the grand scheme of things it’s more important that the work we leave behind matters.

We should all strive to be great, although if we don’t find success while alive, we must leave behind work that stands the test of time. We must look inside ourselves to create the best from our minds and hearts. We must go, without fear, towards our dreams and always pursue without faltering. Sometimes the most confident of people are the ones who find the greatest success. Do not doubt the voice that you have and the meaning in the words you speak (write), and art or music you create. Create with certainty and belief in the power of your work and others will take note of its power too, whether it be in your lifetime or not. Leave a legacy worth remembering.


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