Rejections, Rejections, Rejections!

Rejection, after rejection after rejection!! It makes you just want to scream and pull your hair out. I know the first flash fiction piece I had published, got turned down quite a few times. I had all but given up hope and thought just scrap it and I can try again with something else. I remember reading the email and re-reading, it seems almost silly now, since I know a ton of people published multiple times online, but to me it still makes me feel accomplished. “Time to Say Goodbye” was the first story that was accepted for publication and it will always be my first one, and to me that means something.

As I stated in my opening and about page, I am working on getting published. I have been writing a bit and working on my novel “False Justice“, yet I still have short stories and poems that I am attempting to get published. I sit and think again what is the point? I feel like no matter what I do and how much I edit that there will always be someone out there better and I will always see that rejection letter or email in most cases. I know that we can never give up and I am not saying that I am, but just trying to find a way to deal with all the rejection!

I have heard countless highly successful author’s tell their horror stories of all the rejections they got. I remember the one I heard about Stephan King, that he filled the walls of one room with the rejection letters he received, now that is determination. I am not sure that I am ready to print, post and display, even for myself, my series of rejection letters that I have received for my pieces. I know that rejection and persistence is all a part of the publishing industry, well really any industry in the arts, but sometimes we just have to take a moment and regroup.

Just like the editor that accepted my first story said to me in an email “it just struck a cord”, that is the one thing we have to remember. Not everyone is created equal nor do we go through similar experiences. There will be people that pick up the things you write and think that is great and they can relate to it, but then there will be others who view it as wasted ink, that is just a part of life. Not everyone will read everything and think it is worth the paper it is written on, but there will be those you can reach and touch with the words you create. I just have to remember that rejection and long waiting periods are all a part of the industry and all one can do is create. In the midst of all the waiting, I will continue to create and hope that the things I do create, resonate with someone out there in this great big world.


8 thoughts on “Rejections, Rejections, Rejections!

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment! I have not given up, just discouraged a little, but as a writer we must be prepared for such things like rejection and a lot of it. I will certainly keep writing and working, it’s all that I can do. Thanks again.

      • No I gave up, mainly because my editor advice convinced me that the industry is struggling at the moment and many good books are not making it.

        Key thing is that my book has been reviewed by qualified professionals and they think it’s good, so self publishing it is for me. Mainly because I Like the flexibility and being in control of the process.

        I’ve taken the editor extract and placed it in the post ‘Facing rejection from agents: no means no’….

        I wish you the best of luck my friend.


      • I was able to visit your blog and read your path. I will have to go check out that post. I look forward to reading more from you and I think it will help me a bit on my publishing journey.

        I wish you all the best and look forward to checking back up on you and see how everything is progressing. Thank you for the luck, I know that I will need it.

        I am still working on getting it all written and finished so I still have at least another six months to a year before it is ready.

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