Nothing to be done…

I am not the sit and be defeated kind of person. I wouldn’t say that I was an all out “fighter” but if someone limits me or tells me that I can’t do something, then they better watch out. I have worked multiple part time jobs just to make it and find a full time job, I have worked over and above just to stay ahead with my work and I have given all I can to those around me, even time that I could. I know that there are different situations and circumstances, but is there every a situation that we should give up?

In my opinion, there is never nothing to be done. I was out holiday shopping this weekend at the mall and watched a homeless man sit in the food court and all I could think is how sad. I felt horrible for the man and in my mind I wrestled with what should be done, and if I should offer him something to eat or something more. I watched as another woman offered him a sandwich and my heart felt a bit of a pang. Maybe I should have been the one to offer something first, but it is nice to see others in the world that offer good to someone who is struggling.

No matter what we do, we can’t fix something for someone else. We can offer them help or hope and if they choose to help themselves, we can show them where they can get help but we can’t take the first step for them. I have been called a bleeding heart and it’s frustrating, upsetting to see someone you care about falling and struggling and know that you can’t do anything for them. I have worked for a drug, alcohol center where we would have people come in on certain days looking to get into a rehab facility, but there were countless calls I would receive from parents, friends and siblings asking what they could do is help. How do you tell someone who is watching their love one struggle and fall and not want to reach out and help them? How do you tell them you have to watch them hit bottom and hope they reach out for help.

Sometimes it feels like it’s not the right thing to do and we may all have different opinions about it, but I do believe the person in the situation has to be the one to pick themselves up. There are times that we need that little extra help, and I am not saying to turn your back, but I am just saying that we have to be able to separate ourselves. We have to realize that people make their own choices and we have to let them make those choices, whether they are good or bad. We can’t force someone to do what we think is right, even if it is right, they have to come to that choice on their own. Sometimes it is hard and heartbreaking to see the ones we love struggle, but in the end it will be worth it, or we have to hope it will. There is always something to be done, if we are just willing to do whatever it is.


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