Words of Hope Through Our Writing

What inspires you? Where do you draw your inspiration from to write? Do you create stories strictly out of your head or are they based on experiences? What kind of a writer are you? Emotions drive us, though we have control or should have control over them, but I find that I write most often when I am feeling overwhelmed. I write poems and often create short stories or novel ideas when I am feeling down or feel stressed. I often think that writing is a way of creating control over something when I feel like my life is out of control.

We all want to be different kind of writers. There are poets, free lancers, fiction authors, non-fiction authors, journalist, but no matter how you want to write, what matters is the content. I think also it’s about what drives your content. Do you write just to create more chaos in the world or do you write to create solutions? I have never been a fan of the “mouth pieces” of the world, who seem to only point out things that are wrong without offering any type of solution or suggestions. There are times it feels like there is no solution, but there is always something, always.

I write to have a creative outlet and often attempt to spin my words in an uplifting way. I don’t want to put out more anger, ignorance or hatred in the world, there is enough of that already. I write stories that I feel exemplify the human condition in a positive or the most positive kind of way. I don’t think that anyone is ever truly lost, there is always the chance for someone to make a change. We need to encourage those around us by the words that we say to remember why they are here and what is ahead. We of course don’t know what the future holds, but looking towards it hopefully gives you something to grasp towards. There is so much good in the world that we often don’t see or we get blinded from seeing, but we have to keep looking and even if our words are the only thing that offer that hope, we have to at least offer it.


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