Working to Live???

Working for a living, what does that mean? We can go to a job and break our backs, at the end of our time, we get sent off, sometimes by our choice and other times not, for what? What do our jobs bring us? Besides of course a pay check. Should we be looking for something else out of work, is there something more that we can find there? Work is something that we do, but is it who we are, can it be a mix of both or one? Do we want our jobs to be the thing that defines us, is work or legacy or just a part of our life?

There millions that rush off to work to do their regular nine to five, while others get by in different ways. There are those who do shift work, work part time or don’t work at all. Who is happier or does that even factor in? The French by law work are supposed to work 35 hours a week, focusing more on family, while here we slave to work as much overtime as possible. Although many countries overseas, just like here in the US, work 40+ hours a week now. Where has our time gone, is working the answer, the only answer? Aren’t we focusing on the wrong things here? Capitalism has created monsters in us, for greed and power, we must work to get this or do this, when even when we get away we still think about our jobs.

Have we missed the point? Is work our lives or just a means to an end? We have to work to pay bills, eat, etc but is that enough? Can we be satisfied by simply working? We all need others, but co-workers are people, we often don’t see them after hours, but as humans, is that interaction enough? Can we get by working all our lives without any other form of satisfaction? Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that we all need to quit our jobs and never work a day in our lives, but I am just saying to examine the things you do. Should work be our whole lives, or should it just be a job? We get up, go to work, get off and then we go home and leave it all at the office.

For me, this has to be the way! I won’t work tirelessly for a company that barely recognizes me and offers me simply a paycheck, while I slave to offer my best with little or no recognition and think that is enough for me. I want the world, I want to see and live in the world. I want to be happy and find happiness and work has never been able to provide that for me. I work to make a living but I will never say that my work is my life. I work to live my life. At times, it fills up the day and gives me something to do but then I go home. I see my boyfriend, hang out with friends, take care of my dog, watch my shows, write, basically I live my life. I work to live, I don’t live to work. We should find our happiness whatever that means and live it, because finding it in work seems like a losing battle.


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