Let It Snow

20131208-200924.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

I wish I could see an image such as this when I look out my window. It’s so close to Christmas and Texas, at least where I am, doesn’t often get snow. It’s a rare treat.

It’s funny the things we wish for depending on where and who we are. In the Northern states, this is a normal sight yet here it’s rare. People see this an a burden and a hassle, when here we see it as excitement and beauty. We aren’t used to snow so it’s fresh and new, almost like when a child sees something for the first time.

I wish this was a picture I could say I just took, although sadly I can’t. I know there are many people here that think I am crazy to want snow and cold which is shy they live here. I do want the snow though. I want the cheer and to cozy up with hot cocoa and just watch it fall as the holidays approach. It’s a nice idea. All those who can, enjoy the able for me.


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