20131207-191615.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, fall and winter, yet we all know that. How can the seasons correlate to writing? Maybe they don’t but I’m going to make them.

Spring is the beautiful, flowers and butterfly’s. It brings new life and hope for the year. As a writer, this is our beginning. This is when we first have an idea and see all the possibilities. We begin to plan or write and we are excited.

Summer blazes next and if you are from Texas like me, that means heat! This is the next phase when we feel like we know where we are headed with our writing. We have been disciplined and we are sure. We know what we have to do and our hottest days are the moments we literally feel on fire.

Fall comes in softly and begins to turn things cool. We have or are close to our finish. We have begun, planned and almost completely executed our story. We are beginning to feel the burn from all the excitement and though it’s nice to be in the middle of a story, it’s always nice to see the finish line.

Now we are finally here to winter. For some places, typically not here so much in Texas, snow is falling and temperatures are cooling. With writing, this can be the tricky season it can mean that we can go cold or that we are resting. We have to be careful in winter not to lose our fire but remain close to it and keep our focus sharp. We are almost done and we just have to see it through.

Now it’s the close of a year and the seasons will start again and as writers we too, after we finish a story, must go through the same process. Although a lot of the time we don’t move as quickly as the seasons but our writing patterns seem to mirror them in a way, no?


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