Our Words

This is a blog I want to use to highlight my writing skills, grow an audience and use as a display of my work. My ultimate goal is to be a published, hopefully best selling author, but writing in anyway for a career would be a dream come true. There are all kinds of gossip or advice columns, and most writing is just a person sharing an opinion anyway, so I decided that open, honest writing is the way to go.

Now I wouldn’t say that I have radical views or even that I’m that opinionated but every writer wants to have their voice heard in whatever means possible. The Internet provides the platform and all we have to decide what is it that we want to say and then who are we saying it to? Just the same as an essay for an English class, you write for your audience, which my audience is all my lovely followers.

So what do you want to hear? What does a girl with a dream really have to say about anything? I can’t say that I’ll have answers, but just as I write towards my publishing dream, come read my opinion pieces as well and please share your own. The world is filled with so many people who like to talk and hear themselves talk that sometimes we forget the best thing we can do at times is just to listen.

We have to be able to hear the hard truth, just as we dish it out and be confident in what we say and do. Life is too short to limit or let anyone else limit you, so never let yourself be silenced. We are who we are because of what we believe and if we aren’t willing to speak up or share them then we have already failed. We are writers and we help to share the world with what we write, so wrote with conviction. Our words are our weapons both to protect and defend.


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