Flying By

20131208-175013.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

Times seems to fly by, no matter how much you seize the moment. It feels like sometimes you are running just to keep up and if that’s the case then how are we ever supposed to get ahead? We can’t even get to a point we feel we can breathe so how can we keep moving ahead or attempt to get ahead? Life is just a passing event and we are just here.

I hope that is not the case and we can get to a “breathing” point, and not just with life but our dreams. If we just watch everything pass us by, then we will never achieve our dreams. We have to get to a point that we stop watching and if we have to run to catch up or get ahead then we do it. Our lives are fleeting and we only get one shot, so if we waste it then it’s done, we don’t get another chance. So watch it pass or jump in, your choice.


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