Through a Story

The thing we need most is to live and let our experiences be the stories we tell. Too often we sit around waiting for a good story to drop in our laps when if we were out experiencing the world, meeting new people, going new places, or rediscovering things we thought we knew who knows what creativity or stories would come from that. Writers must write, but we must also live in order to create the life in our stories.

Books and movies are there as an escape from the world and from ourselves. We need to go some place new, meet someone new and sometimes we don’t have the ability to do it in real life, so we use books as a way to do that, but if that is all we do, what would we write about? Would we simply end up telling a story about something we read? If we are retelling the story of someone else, then how do we ever dare or hope to write something new and original? There of course is the argument that there is nothing new to write about and if I concede to that, it’s fine, but you can take the same story and look at it in a different way.

Wicked by: Gregory Maguire is a perfect example of something old getting a new look. He didn’t tell an original story but took an original look at a familiar story. You don’t have to invent a new thing, but you just have to approach it with heart and creativity. We should strive to tell a story with our own voice and imagination. Use your creativity to show the world through a story all they have been missing.


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