Working Towards Success

How much of who we are as people effects who we are as writers or creators? It almost feels like the psychological “nature vs. nurture” question, how much of who we are is based on where or how we grow up? I don’t think that there are any easy answers and often it seems that questions just raise more questions. There are success stories, but how many people break out of or away from the statistics. We all want to matter, to publish, to sell, whatever it might be, yet how many actually succeed and what attributes define those who do from those who don’t?

I can’t say that I have all or any answers, but there are key things that create success rather than failure. The only way, in my opinion, to actually be a failure is to accept that you are one. We may not achieve the type of success that we want, but there is always chances. People in entertainment and artistic careers talk about getting the one shot or the “big break”, but with online writing and internet how many chances can you get. Are you given the chances that you create? By social media and blogging you never know how or what you say will have impact or not. Just like anyone would say, to be a writer one simply must write, which that goes for anything, to be a singer one must sing, etc. We must always keep doing what we want to be doing and seeing how we can market ourselves or seize the opportunities as we find them.

I know that every blogger has their own reason for blogging, but I have seen a lot of them out there and many that I have followed, who are aspiring writers or artist. What better way to promote yourself and your work than online? Social sites allow for a mass audience from the very first start, you reach all those that you desire, yet if they stay or continue to come back that is on you and your ability. I believe that each person is defined by who they are and the work they put into getting what they want. We should use what we have to create what we want. Use the platforms of blogging, social media and ads online even, to get your career or to reach your goals. You never know what you are capable of until you try, so stop holding yourself back, just create and achieve your dreams.


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