Who Would You Be?

If you didn’t have your art or writing, who would you be? I know that i am who I am because I’m able to express myself through writing and words, but what if that wasn’t the case? Have you ever wondered where you would be or what you would be doing if you had no artistic dreams? Now I know this a more focused post about the creative arts, but no matter what it is you do, it is still the same question.

We find things that we ae good at or we enjoy and we either call it a hobby or pursue it as our life’s work. I have seen that not many of us are that lucky to do what we love and make a living at it but doesn’t the pursuit of such fulfillment make or shape who we are? Ever since I can remember I have been writing, whether it was good writing or not that is a different story, but i always had a pen in my hand. I wrote down the things that made me take note or events throughout my day I wanted to reflect on. I felt the need to write, it was almost like the desire to write oozed out of me rather than it being and choice and ever since I have felt the same.

I don’t know if i am who i am because of my creativity or because of who I am, I am creative, either way does it matter? We should all do the things we enjoy and be able to find fulfillment from it. As a writer, I hope that other people draw from stories I tell of experiences I’ve had and they say I’ve dealt with that or I understand. We are all looking to be heard, understood and accepted, sometimes we can’t seem to find it but that just means we haven’t found our place yet. Everyone has a place, talent and ability and we should strive to find and perfect it as well as encourage the pursuit in others. So dreamers, writers, poets, painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors, and everyone be who you are, never hide it, cultivate it and share it with the world.


One thought on “Who Would You Be?

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