Welcome Home

If I could write a song,
That only you could hear,
I’d never write another word,
Until I held your heart near.

Love can be inspiring and beautiful. It can be renewing, joyous, adventurous, or it can be just love. Do we want something ordinary or something we will cherish for all time? Shouldn’t this be how we approach our writing?

As writers we have to love what we are doing, above all. We have to dedicate time and energy into it. We slave, write, edit and perfect it until we are pleased with it then we edit it again. Love is about sacrifice and never giving up. No matter how long, hard or winding the road may be if if matters to us all we can do is travel on it.

Let your writing be a celebration of the things you love and who you are. Let it be the light when the road seems dark. Let it give hope to a tired soul when they fear there is none. Let it be the place you come to feel you belong. To me writing is home and I’m glad to share my home with those who want to come in and stay a while. The party is just getting started.


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