Taking the Lead

20131204-170948.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

Bright colors galore,
The reds, oranges and greens,
Is it the colors of the season,
Or our feelings we are seeing.

The beauty we can’t convey,
By merely looking without seeing,
Our life we are now living,
If we just jump in and believe.

Now a days it feels like too much of who we are gets lost in the every day. Often we are like the leaves that fall, scattered and varied yet we try to be like everyone else. We think that we can’t be that one leaf in focus because if we stand out then people may look up to us.

We should want to be the ones to stand out age be original. We are the artist, the creators, and we should want to lead. So let’s be the ones in focus and let our art be a beacon for others. Create to inspire.


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