Sometimes it all feels like everything is an uphill battle. Your dreams and goals seem so close yet are still out of reach and say to day you strive yet still fall short. So what is the point? Is this all just meaningless words on a screen that I could write over and recreate then have them ignored?

Some days we just feel like giving up and although everything inside of us screams not to do it, we struggle to fight. A pursuit of a career in the arts or really any dream is almost never easy. We are never promised success but we can find fulfillment in doing our best and what we feel we were meant to do.

So what is the point? Is it the point of getting a message across? What measures success? A millionaire, best selling author or just making a difference? Honestly, I want success and I want to make a living writing and doing what I love, but what if that never happens for me? I would settle for making a difference. I write for my own need to express what I can no longer contain and hope that in my rambles others find something to relate to. I want to touch at least one life and know I made a difference, then everything that will have made all the struggle with it.


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