‘Tis the Season

Finally, I made time last night to bust out the Christmas decorations and get my tree set up. There are times when I feel unmotivated, for lack of a better word, to decorate for the holidays. Growing up, I think a lot of people feel this way, but I loved the holiday season. Everything seemed so fresh, new and exciting. I loved being able to feel the chill in the air and the excitement of what I might get on Christmas morning. Now I have grown up, no children yet, and I find that at times I seem to have lost that holiday spirit.

Holiday is about being around friends and family. Sharing in all the wonderful things of the year, being thankful for all that you have and remembering to pull close the ones you love because never get enough time with them. I know that I have more than enough to be thankful for and that I am comfortable in the life that I led. I am able to write, create and provide for myself, sadly not with writing yet, but it’s something. The holidays always means one thing too, the end of year, the time we all sit back and reflect on this we have and have not accomplished.

I think that everyone can relate, to a degree, to not exactly being where they want. There are those who have found their dream jobs and are living it. I am happy for them and a bit envious, I have to admit, because they have what I am still striving to achieve. I want to find happiness and fulfillment in what I am doing and I feel that the way to do that is to pursue my dreams, which was part of why I started this blog.

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to write and be published. I wouldn’t say that over the years that I have given up on that dream, but that it has faded to the background. I am bringing it back in full spotlight and yes almost a month before New Year’s I am making a resolution to keep my dreams there. I want to achieve my dreams that I have had since I was a little girl and remembering those simpler times, I am hoping, might bring back those same seasonal feelings too. The holidays are a time for holding dear the things you love and in that it means your dreams of artistic creation as well.


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