At a time when we are supposed to be drawing close to our friends and family, we don’t want to think about losing anyone. Today I was reminded of how precious life is and that we must hold on to the ones we love and love them.

At times it seems easy and obvious, to say love the ones you love but it’s often harder than it sounds. We get bogged down with the little things or getting angry over the small stuff, when that time we spent being upset we could have shared more time with them. Why are we do worried about being right? What good does it to hurt or anger those around us, when it’s simpler to just love.

It feels almost like a childish dream to care in such a way or maybe I’m just idealistic. I used to watch tv shows likeFull House and wonder why the real world couldn’t be the same way. Is it silly of me? Maybe so, but dreamers are always called silly or crazy, that’s why we are dreamers right? I’d rather be a happy, childish dreamer than an unhappy, loner who just wanted to love. Let me dream on and even if just in my writing is the only place I can find such peace, for now that’s where I’ll stay.


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