Shake It Up

Sometimes we all get stuck! We feel like we are drifting and swaying, lost in a sea of what always is and will be, when we have the ability to change. We can’t change who we are as artists but we can reinvent and allow ourselves to see what we have created and look at it in a different way. Sometimes we need a little life in our art and we need to energize a slow beating heart. How can we find inspiration? Where do we draw our drive and determination from?

I am the kind of person that likes the hopeful, tender, sweet side of life yet we all know that most things in life are not easy. We all go through hard times and we all struggle and even though we want to see and create beauty it feels like it’s beyond us. There are many times when the most beautiful of pieces and creations come from the toughest of times. When I first started to write poetry again, I used as a way to express pain, anger and depression. This is from a piece called “Release”, it’s the opening lines:

Pieces of me that I can’t erase,
Lost in moments that can’t be replaced,
Traces of evil carved out in blood,
Reminding me of all that can’t be undone.

Sometimes we feel like we are so lost and consumed by the hate and anger that we have inside that we can’t find or see a way out, but there is always a way. We can create something that is harsh, honest and raw, but still continue to see that new life happens and that good can come. We don’t always have to draw from our pain and hurt to create something or we don’t always have to rely on the thing that we know in order to express our feelings/thoughts.

There are many different ways that we can share and express who we are and our views on life. We often feel that we do one thing well and don’t do others well, but sometimes we might need to step aside and try something new. I am not the best drawer or photographer, but I do enjoy doing those things and sometimes I need to do something else to express things that even words can’t.

Photo and Drawing Credit: B.C

Photo and Drawing Credit: B.C

I love to use a lot of color and I fill the page with splashes of it, but that is just to get emotions that I can’t get into words out. I feel like I have to step away from the pen and paper or the keyboard and just draw things such as this. I do it both to release bent up feelings and also in order to re-focus myself on what it is that I truly want and where I want to be.

Sometimes we have to just take a step out of where we are and remember where we want to be. We can’t always great works that will be treasured for all time, but that doesn’t mean we stop striving to create it. Sometimes we need to get our juices flowing and create just for creating and for our desire to do it, regardless of at the end we like it at all. As artists, writers, poets, we can never stop creating because that is what makes us who we are and shows our greatness. You never know what you can shine at, so shake it up and try something new if you need a little something extra, or just keep doing what you are doing if you are on a path you want to be on.


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