New Look

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

A white hue on a glowing page,
The frame has been set,
It’s the starting stage,
Of that something more,
You want to achieve,
Just keep on going,
You can reach your dreams.

I have been editing and playing around more with all kind of effects you can add and do to photos now a days. I love the glowing effect and the intensity of the tones in this image. I think that seeing something old and normal and then trying to look at it in a new way or a new light, you can see all the possibilities. There is so much that we all can do if we just try and keep reaching out. We have to keep that drive and fire of creation alive inside of us so that we can spread that out and share that with those around us. We are only as good as the actions we take, we aren’t remembered for the things we could or should have done. So get up, get out and start creating the life you have dreamed of and wanted yet held yourself back. See the normal, old in a new way and say this is my dream and this is where I am going.


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