Where’s the Focus

20131202-194237.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

What is that you see,
A flower or a weed,
Can it be the bees,
Or is it disbelief?

Life is wild and crazy,
We climb and then we fall,
Some day we fill so high,
Other days we are just so low.

I know that we all have our days and moments when it feels like we have our focal point, yet we never see it all clearly. Sometimes we get lost in the pieces and the chaos and forget to really see. It’s not always about what we think it is or what it should be, but it’s about just being and living.

I think that we often times forget that living life, means living life. We have to get up, to try and yes sometimes fail in order to really live and achieve the things that we want. No one is perfect and I know that I would fail time and again if that was what I wanted. I just want to be happy, live my life and love with all my heart. Let each day be an expression of the things we wish to center our life around. Let our focus be centered on what we want and how we need to achieve it.


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