Up and Out

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

This is a very photographed statue that is on the seawall of Galveston Island, TX. Time and time again it has been a symbol and has withstood all that mother nature throws at it. It is reaching up to heaven as the shadow casts outward, and serves as a reminder of not only strength but humility. We, as humans, all need something we believe in. Some people find it reaching up, but regardless of where you find it, it must also go out. We inspire by sharing all that we are, not by holding it in.

We must reach up and spread out. Love, hope, inspiration, no matter what it might be, we need to be people that send out the good in the world rather than more of the same. As an author this image represents all that I hope to achieve, I want to be the kind of person/author that holds what I deem dear close and send out beautiful abundance from that. I wish to create stories that moves others as much as this statue and image can. All we can hope is that what we send out in the world is heard, received and responded too in a positive way.


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