Story Preview: “False Justice”

(This is a work in progress and I am still unsure exactly how it will all come together, I have about 50 pages written for this so far. This is the “Prologue”. I have it titled “False Justice” for now, but it tells the story of a father named David who came from a nothing start to create a family that he loves. Unfortunate events lead to the loss of things he once held dear and now his daughter who is off at college goes missing. The case goes cold and he decides to take matters into his own hands and follows the one lead he has to try and find out what happened to her. It is told by a series of flash backs. The exert below starts at the present time. I hope you enjoy, please share your opinions or comments. Thank you! Happy Reading)

The darkness engulfs the car as I bring it to a stop on the familiar dirt road. Out beyond the reach of the headlights is a curve, which will take you further back to a fishing spot Abby and I would often frequent. It is an isolated spot, which is why I chose it, but the silence makes it hard to muffle my capture’s screams coming from the trunk. I wish he would stop screaming for a moment, so I can forget what he did to my little girl and what he is forcing me to do. I simply want to be swept away be the wonderful memories I have of this place.

This was the place Abby and I would come to be together and escape the world. Some days it felt like we were the only two people on the entire Earth when we were alone here. She would laugh and tell jokes while I would try, without success, to fish. Abby was never the sit and fish type of person, she was always filled with so much energy and spirit. Abby loved it here just as much as I did, though in her rebellious teenage years, I doubt I could have gotten her to admit it. Abby was always a well behaved child and even as a teen she didn’t give me near as much headache as I gave my own parents, so I was very lucky with her and this spot was our place and just brought all the wonderful memories back to me.

I feel surprisingly calm as I replay all of the wonderful memories we have shared at this spot. I attempt to block out the thoughts in my head of the things that will still need to be done here before the night is over. If he had just left alone what remained of my family, then we would not have to be here. I try to steady my breath and hands as I stare blankly out the windshield. I wonder what Abby felt, what she was thinking, did she know what would happen? He will tell me, I think to myself, before the sunrises I will get the answers I seek though as a father, I am afraid to hear. In my heart, I don’t want to believe the feelings and fears that my head continues to scream at me. I can’t except that she is gone, I just can’t, especially not in our spot.

I pick up the revolver from the passenger seat, take a deep breath, “this one is for you my little girl, my baby,” I say as I open the door. The world around me is silent as if anticipating what is to come, there are no crickets chipping or raccoons hurting prey, they all sit in wait. I make my way to the trunk and stand over it hearing the screams knowing the pathetic face, which will greet me when I pop it. I hate hearing his cries for mercy and forgiveness, those emotions get you nothing but regret and I have had my fill of that emotion for a lifetime.

His red tear filled eyes look up at me pleading for mercy yet go silent seeing the gun again. He knows that his time has come and I pull him to his feet. “Walk,” I command and all I can think as I lead him from the car is, “How did it come to this?”


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