It Begins

From my first post on this blog, I stated this blog would be in the preparation and dedication of getting myself published. I have been working hard creating my submissions and locating journals/places to submit. There is a lot that goes into submissions and all the guidelines vary from place to place. Sometimes half of the work isn’t creating and writing it’s about finding the right location in order to submit. I have been working on updating cover letters and creating bios and selecting just the right poems and flash fiction in order to submit.

After diligently working to create all of the needed items, I have begun to submit my work in various locations. The issue is always making sure that your format and content match the required guidelines. There are many ways that you can submit, though most of the ones I have been looking into are the online submission forms. They are cleaner and easier to keep track of. There are times when I submit and edit my work that I think, this should be published and others should or I hope, enjoy reading this.

I think the worst part is the waiting. I hate waiting and I have never been the most patient of people. When it comes to publishing, such as an eBook or with a publisher, you have a greater knowledge of success. Submitting to magazines or journals, is a waiting game. I will either hear back saying it has been declined or accepted, but these can take up to 6 months or more to get back to you. I don’t have sells or lack there of to measure success or failure. I am hoping that some of the submissions will be accepted or at the very least one, to add to my list of publications. In the end, all one can do is continue to create and aspire to do better. I am again hoping to create an eBook for publication, but again it’s all in the works.

Be sure to follow along on my journey as I wade the publishing waters to get, hopefully, to success on the other side. I know that many others out there are wading with me and I don’t plan to give up no matter how hard the task. My short term goal is to get the eBook created and published within the next six months, so at least I can have something measurable while still continuing to break into other markets with poems and flash fiction. The possibilities are endless and I am just getting started.


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